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Covid-19 cases in the UK are expected to escalate rapidly.

Whilst we are able, we will remain operational as normal, with our teams active on site and our head office open. As always our main priority is health and safety. We are advising our team members on government updates, advice and guidelines daily, if you should require any further information please contact us. We are all unsure of the potential impacts of COVID-19 however if required we have a business continuity plan in place whereby individual contacts will remain available by mobile phone and email. Our main phone lines will be diverted if necessary to ensure the business remains operational.


We are qualified to carry out deep cleaning at your facility and have teams ready to mobilise in order to facilitate quick turnarounds. If you require help and advice on keeping your workplace clean and safe for staff, then please do not hesitate to call on 0207 1267646.

Thank you for your ongoing support and we wish you well during these unprecedented times.

Do you have any certifications and are you insured?

27th June 2019

By JCD Cleaning

We always hope that when you are looking for company you check that they are certified in the services they are carrying out.

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We always hope that when you are looking for company you check that they are certified in the services they are carrying out. When it comes to JCD, we are working on some big projects especially in the construction area that require us to make sure we have significant insurance cover that may be more than what some other cleaning contractors offer.

Commercial office cleaning, school cleaning or whatever it may be, you come under the banner of our insurance. We have 10 million pounds worth of public and employer’s liability insurance across our business which is pretty high in the industry.

In terms of external certifications, JCD cleaning have over 70 years of collective management experience in the cleaning field. And of course, we know what our clients are looking for when they decide on engaging in a professional cleaning service.

JCD Cleaning Certifications
ISO 9001 - JCD has this certification. This means we have a safe and sound quality management system in place, back-of-house, when managing your contract. We have the processes in place to ensure your contract is going as smoothly as possible.

ISO 14001 - Of course, all companies in the UK are looking to improve their environmental footprint and JCD is always making sure our environmental footprint is reduced where possible. ISO 14001 gives clients that external verification. JCD considers all aspects of the environment when undertaking services; whether that’s how we recycle, how we use chemicals, how we dispose of chemicals and how
we travel around the southeast when operating with our clients. So we give our clients some comfort that we are doing our a bit for the environment. We are also Safe Contractors and approved.

Health and safety is a massive part of what we do. It’s a part of our core values. This also shows that it’s not just us saying that we are operating safely; we have that external verification. We are corporate members of the British Institute Of Cleaning Science, which is a trade body within the cleaning industry.

We know the best processes and use the most efficient methods for cleaning while making sure we are getting the best results and not impacting your property. We are using the correct equipment, correct chemicals and follow correct processes to ensure that all premises are kept to the highest possible standards of cleanliness. So JCD Cleaning is fully insured and have got the appropriate certifications as well.

We provide professional cleaning services and our external auditors come in to verify the same.

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