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Covid-19 cases in the UK are expected to escalate rapidly.

Whilst we are able, we will remain operational as normal, with our teams active on site and our head office open. As always our main priority is health and safety. We are advising our team members on government updates, advice and guidelines daily, if you should require any further information please contact us. We are all unsure of the potential impacts of COVID-19 however if required we have a business continuity plan in place whereby individual contacts will remain available by mobile phone and email. Our main phone lines will be diverted if necessary to ensure the business remains operational.


We are qualified to carry out deep cleaning at your facility and have teams ready to mobilise in order to facilitate quick turnarounds. If you require help and advice on keeping your workplace clean and safe for staff, then please do not hesitate to call on 0207 1267646.

Thank you for your ongoing support and we wish you well during these unprecedented times.

Commercial Office Cleaning Prices

The best office cleaning service providers have tonnes of experience in cleaning multiple commercial complexes over the years. They often provide a wholesome cleaning service. However, these services are available at a premium cost. Purchasing their services is not really an option for smaller offices. With JCD Cleaning, you don’t need to over-invest in the cleaning experience with high office cleaning prices. In fact, we bring our expertise in cleaning office spaces to your business at extremely affordable costs.

How we work

We'll recruit, train, and make sure both management and cleaning staff are fully understanding of your specification and agreements of the contract before work begins.

How we work - explained
What is your current cleaning situation?
  • - Contracted in one place?
  • - In-house cleaning team?
  • - A one-off cleaning or project cleaning requirement?
Site survey and Proposal
  • - We will perform an onsite survey to ascertain your cleaning requirements and send a proposal within two business days.
  • - After agreement of the terms and conditions we can typically start work within two weeks.

Our Guarantee


Highly trained staff with industry-leading task specific training.


An area support structure capable of supporting your contract.


Regular site specific auditing at the agreed frequency.


High levels of insurance (10 million+).


Always at the forefront of innovation and process management.

Window Cleaning and Flooring Services

The two components of your office that require more maintenance than others include the floors and windows. They are also responsible for most of the aesthetic appeal of the office space. With our specialised window cleaning and flooring services, you can save a lot of money on the overall office cleaning experience. Now, you don’t need to avail a whole suite of extra services just to get the windows and floors cleaned. In fact, get in touch with our team today to get a quote on customised window cleaning and flooring services.


End-to-End Office Cleaning Services

We also offer a wide range of affordable office cleaning services that take care of cleaning the office in an end-to-end fashion. You can save a lot of money on wholesome commercial cleaning prices by purchasing a one-stop cleaning package from us. Our cleaning services help you maintain an extremely hygienic work environment that boosts employee morale and reduces absenteeism. A clean office will also help you increase the productivity of your employees by providing them with a fresh environment to work in.


Deep Cleaning Services

The cost of commercial cleaning often shoots up with an increase in the depth of the cleaning services. The deep cleaning services often cost a lot more than conventional surface cleaning service. At JCD Cleaning, we offer a deep cleaning service for your office space at surface-level office cleaning prices. The affordable costs make our deep cleaning service one of the most popular ones in the country. We use high-tech cleaning equipment to save time and bring down the overall office cleaning cost by a significant amount.


Greater Profitability

Clean office space will not only make it a haven for the employees but also help you attract new potential customers with ease. With our regular office cleaning services, you can now give your office space the care and love that it deserves. Increase profitability of your whole organisation by giving it a fresh and clean look with JCD Cleaning today.

So, if you want to save money on maintenance of the office space with highly affordable commercial cleaning prices, contact our team today to book an appointment.


Our Cleaning Packages


10 hoursp/w(Monday - Friday)
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50 hoursp/w(Monday - Friday)
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70 hoursp/w(Monday - Friday)
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*Pricing is given as an indication and is subject to a full survey and proper quotation on application.

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Bespoke work


70 hours+p/w(Monday - Friday)
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