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The best office cleaning service providers have tonnes of experience in cleaning multiple commercial complexes over the years. They often provide a wholesome cleaning service. However, these services are available at a premium cost. Purchasing their services is not really an option for smaller offices. With JCD Cleaning, you don’t need to over-invest in the cleaning experience with high office cleaning prices. In fact, we bring our expertise in cleaning office spaces to your business at extremely affordable costs.

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Highly trained staff with industry-leading task specific training.


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Regular site specific auditing at the agreed frequency.


High levels of insurance (10 million+).


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JCD Cleaning is one of the most trusted cleaning companies in the UK. When it comes to keeping your surroundings hygienic and fresh, we have got you covered. We have trained staff members who perform the best UK commercial cleaning. We are a cleaning service company with a wide variety of cleaning services such as exterior cleaning, floor cleaning and window cleaning. Most importantly, we offer the best prices for these services.

Best of Our UK Commercial Cleaning Services

We are fully dedicated to providing the best cleaning service in the UK. We make sure that when you hire us, you only have to decide ‘when’ you want our service. We will take care of the ‘how’ part. Here are some of the commercial cleaning services that we offer to our clients.

Exterior Cleaning Services

The first thing anyone will see when they reach your firm is its exterior. If it is dirty, that can make a wrong impression on the mind of your potential customers. At JCD Cleaning, we make sure not to let that happen to our clients. We offer several exterior cleaning services and we use high power washing equipment to do the best job. Therefore, you can be assured that your exterior will leave a great impression on your clients if you hire us.

Janitorial Services

At JCD, we provide the best janitorial services with the option of regular cleaning. This way, you do not have to book an appointment each time you need to get our cleaning service. You can decide and make all your appointments at once. We have one of the best commercial cleaning teams in the UK. If you require our service, connect with us over a call.

Window Cleaning Services

Beautiful windows add to the charm of the interior. However, they attract dirt from their surroundings. The dust particles get settled on the window pane. This is the reason why windows need proper cleaning from time to time. Our highly skilled staff members know how to reach every nook and corner, and make all the dust vanish.

We also provide event and specialty cleaning services. If you want to hire us, give us a call or drop an email.



2.5 Hours cleaning per day 12.5 Hours cleaning per week (Monday - Friday)
£750.00* PCM
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FREE on-site survey


9 Hours cleaning per day 45 Hours cleaning per week (Monday - Friday)
£2426.17* PCM
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FREE on-site survey


20 Hours cleaning per day 100 Hours cleaning per week (Monday - Friday)
£5078.92* PCM
Arrange a
FREE on-site survey

*Pricing is given as an indication and is subject to a full survey and proper quotation on application.

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